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UK based specialist manufacturer of bespoke cable assembles, harnesses and looms

· Services ·

  • Automatic cut and strip
  • Wire termination
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Wiring Harnesses and looms
  • Panel Box Wiring
  • No batch size restrictions

· Meet Our Team ·

David Lowman

Quality Assurance Manager

Has a great knowledge of the cables and looms Deval is asked to make, due to being with Deval for many years , and so can give the best quality management over all products we see go out to our customers .

Has the best eye for detail possible to ensure we only give the best quality and at the fastest turnaround on all orders.

Dan Farmer

General Manager

Again has been with Deval for over 20 years and has gained position of General Manager from his devotion and hard working.  Dan ensures all customers orders are quoted for and looks for the best possible prices to give the customer the fairest price .

He has a vast knowledge of all parts and sources to acquire them to meet our customers short lead times that we specialize in.

Alan Goldsmith

 Production Manager

Has been with Deval for over 20 years and has worked his way up to production manager and ensures all our customers orders go out as quickly as possible and to our usual high quality .

His knowledge in all aspects of Deval is endless.

If you would like to request a quote, simply fill in your requirements in the form below. For more complex cable looms please call 01202 476445 and speak to one of the team.